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Top Benefits of a Bamboo Mattress

Top Benefits of a Bamboo Mattress

Bamboo makes great material for making beddings and bed spreads. But if you think that is they are used as it is as stems and rods then you are sadly mistaken. The harvested bamboo is processed into fibers that are used in making of pillows, bamboo bedding, and mattresses. Bamboo mattresses offer several other benefits apart from being eco-friendly.

Extremely Comfortable

The fiber extracted from the bamboo plant is soft and comfortable which provides the right support for your body in various sleeping positions to prevent interruptions. The bamboo mattress keeps the spine neatly aligned which helps in keeping your back perfect without any complaints in the morning.

Ideal for people with Allergies

Mattresses cannot be washed easily as they are not designed to be washed, and same goes with the bamboo mattresses also. One major benefit of these mattresses is that they are resistant to bacteria growth. Dust mites and bacteria that build up on the mattress are the major causes of allergies, and with the mattress made of bamboo, you can be worry free of dust and bacterial build up. Less dust and bacteria results in the elimination of night time allergies and allows you to sleep in peace without any disturbance.

Free from Chemicals

Bamboo mattresses are made of fiber that is extracted from harvested bamboo plant. These plants are grown without using any chemical fertilizers, harmful pesticides and other poisonous material which are hazardous to health. The plants are naturally grown without using chemicals to provide sound and safe sleep.


Bamboo is a sustainable plant because it does not require much sunlight water or any other extra nutrients for growing. The roots of the plant do not die but regrow when the plant is harvested preventing the farmers from planting, again and again, which saves a lot of time and efforts. Moreover, the plant grows faster and reaches harvesting time quickly than plants like cotton.

Adjusts to Body Temperature

The mattress made of bamboo is porous and is breathable which circulates the air freely through it to keep your body cool in hot summers and warm in winters. The fiber made from bamboo absorbs moisture which means it absorbs sweat to prevent you from feeling the uncomfortable wetness in your sleep.

Although bamboo mattresses are low on maintenance, it is advisable that you take good care of the mattress to make it last long for many years. Here are few tips;

•    Do not use sharp objects to open the package of the mattress to prevent damage to the mattress

•    Do not forcefully unroll the new mattress as they are vacuum sealed, instead, leave them for few days after unpacking for it to gain proper shape.

•    Use a water proof mattress topper to prevent the bamboo fiber from absorbing the moisture.

•    If you feel that your mattress is smelling, then you can use baking soda cleaning to ward away the smell.

•    Flipping the mattress and leaving it in the open air once in few months will keep your mattress fresh and odor free.