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Home improvements for 2017

What are the must have home improvements for 2017? Well, in this article I’ll be reviewing three of trending home improvement ideas for 2017 that will make your home and garden look great!

Artificial grass

If you are tired of mowing the grass every week and had enough of weeds growing in your lawn, then maybe you should consider artificial grass. The benefits of artificial grass are that it doesn’t need cutting, there will be no weeds growing in the lawn, you save money on buying lawn mowers and weed killers. Other advantages are that it looks perfect all year long, there will be no puddles or muddy patches on the lawn, children can play on the artificial grass all year long and the grass will not get damaged by playing sports on it. Artificial grass is very popular in the UK and the US, if you are looking for artificial grass Essex then there many local companies who can provide a good service. If you are looking for a long term home improvement, then artificial grass is definitely something you should consider for 2017.

Artificial grass

Bamboo furniture

Another must have home improvement for 2017 is bamboo furniture. You can use bamboo furniture inside your home or in the garden, it looks fantastic and has an earthy rustic charm. Bamboo furniture items are eco-friendly, they are long lasting and are good value for money. Bamboo furniture is ideal for the garden because unlike wood, bamboo does not rot and cannot be attacked by termites. You can transform your dining room with a bamboo table and chairs, the kitchen will benefit from having bamboo blinds and in the garden you can another set of a bamboo table and chairs. Bamboo furniture is an upward trending home improvement and 2017 will see that trend continuing.

bamboo furniture

Crystal lamps

One of the big trends this year has been crystal lamps and it will be a big trend in 2017 too. If you want your dining or living room to look a stately home, then a crystal lamp is one way of achieving that. If you really want your room to stand out and be impressive then Waterford crystal lamps will be the perfect solution. Crystal lamps are an elegant way of improving a room by creating an aura of sparkle and bling, you can find a variety of different lamps online and prices to suit every budget. My favourite crystal lamps are by Waterford, these are beautifully made and are stunning to look at, they do cost more, but the quality and style is worth paying for.

crystal lamps