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Bamboo sheets reviews, my buying guide!

Bamboo sheets reviews

Hi, I’m Lunar and I will looking at bamboo bedding and you giving my bamboo sheets reviews today. This is my buying guide so you make the perfect choice when it comes to making a purchase.

Bamboo sheets are on the increase at present and more and more products are hitting the shelves and appearing online. If you are a first time buyer of bamboo sheets then you will know which is the finest and poorest before you make that purchase. My simple guide will make the process a lot easier for you and you will have a dreamy night’s sleep on comfortable sheets.

Will they shrink? A quick scan of the instructions or wash label will tell you if the sheets or pre-shrunk or not, if you can’t find the information ask someone in the store or send an email to the supplier.  The best bamboo sheets are pre-shrunk so any shrinkage will be minimal. A decent set of sheets will fit your bed every time after being washed, poor quality sheets will shrink and leave you with poorly fitting sheets.

Quality of fabric? The best bamboo sheets will be made from 100% bamboo and will have been twill woven, this means that they will be durable, strong, soft and resistant from pulls or threads unravelling. The care and wash instructions should be followed exactly and they will last for a very long time if this is done correctly.

Type of fabric? The best bamboo sheets are made from 100% bamboo and grown organically. This should be made apparent on the label and manufacturers will pride themselves on being organic too. The pure 100% bamboo are the softest sheets on the market and a lot softer than high thread count cotton.

Weave? The type of weave used for the best bamboo sheets is a twill weave, this will be written on the label or the manufacturer will make a point of this standing out.  Twill woven sheets will last a lot longer than non-twill woven and this makes them unlikely to tear or rip. As an added bonus these sheets are truly divine to sleep on.

Size? There are lots of sizes of bamboo sheets including Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King and California King. Pre-shrunk is best and with all the sizes available they will fit a variety of mattresses.

How long will they stay soft for? These sheets if properly cared for will last for a very long time and silky smooth softness will increase with age due to the bamboo fabric.

Is there a guarantee? There are a variety of different bamboo sheets available, some are of inferior quality and some are exceptional. Always check if there is a guarantee or warranty provided with the product and use retailers with a good reputation.

Reviews? There are many websites that have reviews and comparisons of bamboo sheets, we recommend The Bamboo Bazaar and their bamboo sheets review. The reviews on Amazon are also worth looking at too.